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How To Fix Spectrum Remote Volume Not Working?

Are you facing issues while using the remote of your Spectrum TV? If yes, don’t worry, we will help you to fix it. Instances may arise when you experience issues like Spectrum remote volume not working. Though Spectrum remote is a universal remote and you can use it to operate different devices. But sometimes, it may stop working or start showing errors. 

In such cases, it is not a good option to change the remote instantly. You should first try to apply some troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue at your end. Here, in this article, we have mentioned various methods that you can apply to fix Spectrum remote volume not working issue. 

Why Is Volume Not Working On Spectrum Remote?

There are several reasons why you may experience such a functionality issue with the volume buttons of your Spectrum remote. These issues may not have been initialised from your remote itself but from your cable box, TV or console.  Given below are some common reasons why the Spectrum volume not working on remote error usually arises:

  • Improper power supply. 
  • Low Batteries may also cause the malfunction intermittently issue with your remote. 
  • Your remote or its buttons might have been physically damaged. 
  • Spectrum remote might not be properly connected to the TV control. 
  • There may be some problem with the cable box. 
  • IR interference.

How Do I Fix Spectrum TV Remote Volume Not Working?

In this section, we have provided some effective solutions that you can apply to fix the Spectrum remote volume not working issue. Just go through these methods one by one to troubleshoot the issue at hand. 

Method 01: Change Your Remote’s Batteries

As we all know that Spectrum TV remote uses batteries. Usually, these batteries are in-built into your remote and you have to replace them when they go low. If you don’t replace the batteries on your remotes when they are low, they will start to lag. Even its buttons, including the volume button, start to work slowly.

Thus, it is important to change the batteries at regular intervals. This may help you to fix the Spectrum remote volume not working issue. If the problem keeps occurring, move to the next workaround. 

Method 02: Connect Your Remote with TV Control

If you are able to switch channels but still facing the Spectrum remote volume stopped working issue, then your remote might be receiving channel switching signals only. In such cases, you should follow the below-mentioned step to pair your remote to the TV control:

  • Firstly, switch ON your cable box if it is off. 
  • Tap the Menu button present on your Spectrum remote. 
  • Go to the “Support and Settings” option and click the OK/SEL button. 
  • Click the remote icon and then tap the OK/SEL button. 
  • Select the “Connect Remote to TV” option. 
  • Now, go to the “Connect to TV” option and select your TV brand from the list of brands that appear on the screen. 
  • Go through the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process. 

Once the pairing is successfully done, go with the steps to check the functionality of your remote’s volume keys. 

Method 03: Perform a Power Cycle

You can fix the Spectrum volume not working issue by performing the power cycle of your remote. This method is helpful if the button of your remote may malfunction or its console isn’t receiving proper signals from the remote. Go through the following steps to power cycle your entire Spectrum setup:

  • Disconnect all the devices connected to the power source. 
  • Also, remove the batteries from your remote and keep everything idle for at least five minutes. 
  • Now, reassemble all your devices and again try to connect them to the power source. 
  • At last, boot up your devices and check if the remote’s key buttons are working fine.

Method 04: Try The Factory Reset

Nowadays, almost every device provides a Factory Reset option. Even this feature is available on your Spectrum remote. But always ensure to use this option as the last resort. When you perform a factory reset on your remote, it will clear all its programming. Hence, you must have all the passwords and usernames before starting the reset process. After that, apply the following steps to reset your remote:

  • First of all, you need to locate and press the TV button available on your Spectrum Remote. 
  • Next, press the OK button and SELECT buttons simultaneously and then release them after a few minutes. After that, the DVD and AUX buttons will start lighting up and will continually glow. 
  • At last, click on the DELETE button and hold it for three to five seconds. Your TV button will then start blinking and then turn off.


We have provided all the best possible methods to fix Spectrum remote volume button not working issue. These methods will definitely help you to fix the issue with the Spectrum volume button not working. You can also apply these methods to resolve other issues related to the remote, as well. But if these methods fail to fix your issue, you can reach out for technical expertise. The professional experts are available 24*7 to troubleshoot all your issues with the Spectrum TV remote.

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