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Fix QuickBooks Stopped Working or Not Responding Error

If QuickBooks has immediately stopped responding to your commands and you are unable to open a file on it, then there might be something wrong with the file you are trying to use. This is one of the most typical problems that hit the users and leave them in uncertainty whether they should seek professional help or try some solutions on their own.

QuickBooks Stopped Working

There are a lot of users who complained that QuickBooks stopped working right after the Windows update while others have experienced the same issue in different situations.

The error message comes in different forms and in different messages hinting you towards the same problem. So, if you see a message telling that “QuickBooks has stopped working”, “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly” or “Windows is checking for a solution to the problem” on your screen, then we will guide you on finding the best solutions to fix this.

Symptoms when QuickBooks pro stopped working

  • You are unable to open the software or any of its files
  • Your device is freezing regularly
  • You are not getting any results from the inputs
  • The file crashes again and again
  • Your PC shuts down abruptly

Causes for QuickBooks stopped working after Windows 10 update

If QuickBooks stopped working after Windows 10 update, then these could be the factors responsible for it:

  • You have downloaded the corrupt files of Windows OS
  • You have used a very long name for the company file
  • The QBWUSER.INI file got damaged or missing during the update
  • The Windows hard drive may have become corrupt
  • The QuickBooks installation file might have got damaged

Try these if QuickBooks Desktop not responding when opening

Before trying out any other complex solution, you can follow these quick tips as they may help you in resolving the problem:

  • The initial task you need to do is install the latest updates of the QuickBooks Desktop software/app
  • Before proceeding, just check and reduce the file name to 35 characters long (including spaces)
  • If you have an actively working antivirus installed on your device, then you should turn it off for now and you may enable it later on
  • You may also try to exclude the QuickBooks file from the scan list of your active antivirus solution
  • If you aren’t, make sure that you are logging in to Windows with the Admin controls
  • At last, you can try using the QuickBooks Tool Hub to eradicate the problem

If you do not know how to use the Tool Hub when QuickBooks Stopped Working, then you can go to the next solution to learn using it.

The solution to fix QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t start or won’t open

Step 1- Get the QuickBooks Tool Hub

Your first step to use this tool is to get it from the genuine website of QuickBooks. This tool would help you in fixing some common issues with your QuickBooks software. To download and install this tool on your device, follow these steps:

  1. If opened, close QuickBooks
  2. Go to the official QuickBooks site
  3. Install the version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  4. Save the installed file to your “Downloads” folder
  5. You should now open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe on your PC
  6. For installation, follow the on-screen steps
  7. Agree to the given terms after reading them
  8. Double-click on the installed file to open it

Step 2- Run “Quick Fix My Program”

The said program is available in the QuickBooks Hub Tool which you need to run to Fix QuickBooks Online Desktop App Not Working issue.

  1. After opening the Tool Hub, click on the “Program Problems” menu
  2. In the same tab, select “Quick Fix My Program”
  3. You have to start the QuickBooks Desktop app
  4. And try opening the data file on it
  5. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, go to Step 3.

Step 3- Rename the QBWUSER.ini file

When the QBWUSER.ini file goes damaged or missing from your device, you can rename it to fix the problem:

  1. Using the Windows search bar, locate the QBWUSER.ini file
  2. Now, right-click on the file and choose “Rename”
  3. Then, add .old at the end of the file name e.g. QBWUSER.ini.old.
  4. You also have to rename the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.
  5. Try opening the QuickBooks Desktop app one more time
  6. If it opens, you can open the Company File manually.

Ending it-

When QuickBooks Stopped Working on users’ devices, they tried these solutions and they eventually helped the users with fixing the problem. If the same thing happens to you ever again, just be sure to keep the above tips in mind and start using QuickBooks once again.

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