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How to Fix QuickBooks Multi-user Mode not working Issue?

QuickBooks Multi-user mode is a built-in feature into QuickBooks app that offers a lot of advantages to users while using the application. As the name suggests, it allows multiple users to work on the same company file without any problem. Each user who wants to access the feature must have the QuickBooks License on their workstation.

QuickBooks Multi-user Mode not working

But there are some issues that you may encounter while using this feature. One of the common problems is QuickBooks Multi-user mode not syncing or not working properly. Issues like QuickBooks search not working or Multi-user mode greyed out occurs when the workstations try to launch a company file that is located on the server computer. Whenever such an error occurs on your system, it is very important to find the exact cause and then apply proper troubleshooting to get out of it.

What Causes Problems While Running QuickBooks in Multi-user Mode?

There are several reasons because of which QuickBooks switch to multi-user mode greyed out. Some of them are given below:

  • QuickBooks is not installed properly on the server computer.
  • Firewall or antivirus software installed on your system. These can stop communication between user computers.
  • Improperly configured Windows file permissions leads to issues like user unable to run QuickBooks in multi-user mode.
  • Incorrect hosting settings of the QuickBooks Desktop application on the server-side.
  • Last but not least, the corrupted or incorrect DNS settings.

How do I Fix QuickBooks Multi-User Mode not Syncing Issue?

There are several methods that you can try whenever the QuickBooks application keeps opening in Single-user mode. Mainly, this problem can be due to the inability to switch into multi-user mode to error codes H202, Error H505, and 6000 series of errors. You can apply any of the following methods to fix this issue:

Method 1: Rename the *.TLG and the *.ND Files

Basically, the .ND and .TLG is the network data and transaction log files respectively that help QuickBooks users to connect and open the company file. Any issue in these files can create problems while accessing the company file in the QuickBooks app. You can rename these files by following the steps given below:

  • First of all, locate the .TLG and .ND files. For this, open the QuickBooks Desktop Company File and press the F2 key on the Home page.
  • This will open the Product Information window on your screen. You can find the location of the Company File under File Information and the .TLG and .QBW.ND files are found in the same folder.
  • From that folder, right-click on both the above-mentioned files to rename them.

Method 2: Configure the Windows Firewall Settings

Windows Firewall is one such component which if not configured properly can cause problems while running any application on Windows. In such a case, you can follow the steps given below and re-configure Windows Firewall settings:

  • Type CP in the search box of the desktop and open the Control panel from the context menu.
  • Search for Windows Firewall and press the Enter key.
  • Now, click on the option indicating, “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”.
  • Tap the Change Settings button and check-mark the box under the Public list for the QuickBooks application.
  • Then, click on the OK button and select Public for the application.

Once done, try to run QuickBooks application in the multi-user mode once again to check if the Errors like H202 and related ones are resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I switch to multiuser mode QuickBooks?

There are several reasons that QuickBooks may not work in multi-user mode:

  • QuickBooks is not installed on the server computer.
  • Windows file permissions are not properly set
  • The DNS settings are either corrupt or incorrect.

How does QuickBooks multi-user mode work?

The multi-user mode in QuickBooks app allows many users to collaborate to work on the same company file at the same time. All users can be networked and must each have their own QuickBooks license.

What are the benefits of using QuickBooks Multi-User?

Given below are some advantages of using QuickBooks Multi-User:

  • Multi-user access enables increased productivity and efficiency.
  • All users have simultaneous access to your most up-to-date company file, ensuring accurate and efficient collaboration.
  • You can also stay in control and keep your data protected — limit employee access by allowing different levels of user permission within your company’s file

Final Words:

Hope the above methods have fixed the QuickBooks Multi-user mode issue. But if the above-mentioned methods haven’t helped, then you can try some other methods like adding your Server to Windows Host File or checking the services on your server.

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