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Things to try when PayPal credit does not work

Even if you are a responsible PayPal customer who follows each term as set by PayPal, you may experience issues while using some of its features. Nonetheless, the PayPal credit feature is one such feature that has started to create hurdles in users’ way when they try to use it. When you need to shop urgently and you thought of buying the same stuff using PayPal line of credit only to find out that PayPal credit not working. This situation is enough to give you a headache. But worry not as we can possibly resolve this problem by trying to figure out the cause and most applicable method for the same.

PayPal credit not working

Why is my PayPal credit not working?

  • Ineligible purchase

If you thought of paying with PayPal Credit and it doesn’t appear as a payment option during the order checkout, then the item you are trying to purchase is possibly not covered under the “PayPal Credit” service.

  • Exceeded the credit limit

The next reason could be that the product you are purchasing has exceeded the credit limit of your account. Hence, you must check the available balance in your Credit line.

  • Incomplete verification details

The next reason could be that you have not provided the complete details on the verification page. If PayPal does not verify your purchase, you are going to face a similar situation.

It can also be due to PayPal multi-order shipping are in the queue and you have been blocked for further ordering.

Ways to resolve PayPal credit line not working

  • Step 1- try making another purchase from another seller and check if you see the option to pay with PayPal Credit. Sometimes, a particular seller is banned from receiving any payments causing the PayPal credit not working issue.
  • Step 2- since you need to load your PayPal credit at different intervals and you probably use a debit or credit card for the same, therefore, you should check the balance in your cards and see if they are not expired.
  • Step 3- check the available balance in your PayPal Credit line and PayPal wallet to avoid any hurdles during the purchase.
  • Step 4- the next best thing you can do is ensure if your device is using high-speed network connectivity or not. For purchasing anything online, network connectivity plays an important role.
  • Step 5- go to the notifications section of your account and have a look at the pending notifications. If there is an important notification, do the needful and do not forget to verify your identity with the PayPal team as soon as possible.

The above-given resolutions will also work if PayPal not working on eBay.

Fix PayPal confirm credit card not working

If you have confirmed your credit card with PayPal and still you are not able to use it, then the availability of funds in your account might be low. Otherwise, you might have exceeded the purchase limit of your card that is specified by PayPal.

Why can’t I pay with PayPal balance?

You can’t pay with PayPal balance multiple times until you have a PayPal link bank account. Without linking your bank account or credit/debit cards to your account, you will not be able to carry out a number of transactions. However, you can receive funds from anyone.

Final words-

You can always go to to find out more about your queries such as PayPal credit or the PayPal button not working. Just navigate to the “Help” section and get your hands on helpful articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why am I not eligible for PayPal Credit?

There are certain pre-requirements which you should fulfill in order to be eligible to use the PayPal credit service. Make sure you are a UK resident who is aged 18 years or older. You should also have a good credit history and should earn more than £7,500 yearly.

  1. Where can I use PayPal credit?

PayPal Credit can be used to buy different products and services in millions of stores. However, not all the items are covered under the PayPal credit line. Be sure that you use the PayPal credit option at the time of checkout to make any purchase.

  1. What stores can you use PayPal credit?

There are more than 1,000 merchants that allow you to buy things from them using the PayPal Credit line. Online platforms of stores such as Walmart can be used for making a purchase with PayPal credit.

  1. Why is PayPal credit unavailable for this purchase?

If you are seeing any such message that you cannot use PayPal credit for this purchase, then you are not buying an eligible item that is covered by the PayPal Credit line. Only those items can be purchased under which you see the option to pay with PayPal credit.

  1. How long does it take for PayPal credit to work?

Although it takes just a few minutes to get the approval for PayPal Credit, you may still experience a time lag due to some other factors. First, the account verification needs to be completed and a few more steps require time to complete.

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