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Outlook Notifications Not Working? Check Steps to Fix

Outlook is a popular email client, but you may experience some problems while using it. One of the common issues that many people have encountered is related to its notifications. Instances may occur when you may experience issues, like Outlook notifications not working. Such issues can occur due to several reasons like disabled notifications in the Outlook app or improper configuration in Windows 10 settings. 

Whether you are facing Outlook notifications not working issue on the app or Windows 10 system, it is important to apply the proper troubleshooting method to fix it. Here, in this article, we have mentioned common methods that you can try to fix the issue on the Windows system. 

Why are Outlook Reminders Not Popping Up?

There are several reasons why Outlook notifications may not appear on your device. 

  • Maybe the version of Android or Operating system installed on your device is outdated.
  • You might have turned off the Outlook notifications on your device or they might get automatically disabled. 
  • Improper system or browser settings.
  • Active Do not Disturb mode is also the main cause of such an issue.

How to Fix Outlook Notifications Not Working on Windows 10 System?

Here, in this section, we have mentioned some common methods that you can apply to fix the disabled notification issue on the Windows system:

Method 01: Activate Outlook notification Windows Settings

Before you apply any technical method to fix the issue, check and activate the notification alerts in Windows 10 settings. Sometimes, the incorrect settings in the panel cause disabled notification issues. Go through the below-mentioned steps to activate Outlook notifications on the Windows system:

  • Tap the Start icon located on the bottom-left corner of your Windows system. Type Settings in the search bar and press Enter key. Alternatively, you can use Windows + I keys to directly open Settings.
  • Now, from the Settings windows, click System.
  • Select Notifications and Actions from the left-hand side panel.
  • Turn on the toggle adjacent to “Get notifications from apps and other senders”.
  • Scroll down and select Outlook from the list.
  • From the Outlook section, turn on the following settings:
    • Notifications.
    • Show notifications banners.
    • Show notifications in the action center.
    • Play a sound when a notification arrives.

If the above-mentioned steps failed to pop up an Outlook notification on your device screen, then move to the next method.

Method 02: Turn Off Focus Assist

The latest versions of Windows OS have a built-in feature called Focus Assist. You can enable this option to view any new notifications on your system. You may find your Outlook desktop notifications not working issue if Focus Assist is enabled. In such cases, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to disable it:

  • Firstly, launch the ‘Action Center’ from the taskbar.
  • Locate the half-moon-shaped icon and check all that is written under it.
  • If it is showing ‘Focus Assist,’ it means this option is disabled.
  • If it displays ‘Priority Only,’ it indicates that Focus Assist is enabled. In such cases, you have to tap on it once or twice until the option comes back.

Method 03: Turn on Battery Saver

Battery-saver is one of the built-in functionality of the Windows 10 system. It is also one of the main causes for Microsoft Outlook notifications not working issue. If the Battery Saver mode is enabled, it may prevent your system from getting new Outlook notifications. To avoid such a situation, you can follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Navigate to Settings > System > Battery.
  • Turn off the toggle located below the battery saver.
  • Also, check the percentage appearing below ‘Turn battery saver on automatically at.’
  • If it is high, low it.

Quick Fixes for Outlook Notifications Not Working on Android

If the Outlook notifications are not working on Android, apply the following troubleshooting method:

  • Restart your smartphone
  • Disable the Battery Saver Mode
  • Update Outlook version for Android via Google Play
  • Clear Outlook’s cache and data on Android devices
  • Ensure that the Notification is turned ON.

How do I Fix Outlook Notifications Not Working on Mac?

If you are a Mac user and facing Outlook notifications not working issue on your devices, check if the notifications are On or not. You can apply the following steps to turn on the notifications settings on your Mac device: 

  • Firstly, click on the ‘Apple’ icon located on the top-left part.
  • Click on ‘System Preferences’ followed by ‘Notifications.’
  • Now, from the list of applications appearing in the left column, select ‘Outlook’.
  • Al last, check if you have switched on ‘Allow Notifications from Outlook.’


Apply these methods to fix Outlook notifications not working issue on Windows, Mac, and Android devices. These steps will resolve your issue speedily. But in case the Outlook app notifications do not work issues occur even after you use all the measures, connect with professional experts of Outlook. The customer support staff will diagnose and fix the problem with your Outlook account.

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