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Netflix not working- Find solutions to common Netflix Problems

With its collection of multiple movies, shows, and live video content, Netflix was able to grab the title of one of the most used streaming service providers. Since the number of people using Netflix is quite large, the problems faced by the users are also more. You might have seen people around you complaining that Netflix not working and their problems with Netflix also seem to be endless.

Netflix not working

This post will address a wide range of problems that are faced by a lot of Netflix users around the globe.

For general troubleshooting, you can refer to the section that follows. Post this, we will discuss those problems separately.

General Netflix App Troubleshooting

If you are facing problems with the Netflix app itself, give the following a try:

  • You can re-install the Netflix app from the application store
  • Reboot or restart your device
  • Check if your device is connected to the internet
  • If you have connected your device to the router, restart the router
  • Log out of the app and log in again
  • Ask other users to sign out and sign in again
  • To learn more, go to

How to Fix Netflix on a Roku?

It may sound simple, but in most cases, Netflix does not work on a Roku when it is not connected to the internet. If you are not sure whether the connection has been established or not, then you should follow these steps to check the connection:

  1. Go to the Home screen of Roku
  2. Scroll, find, and select Settings
  3. Open the “Network” menu to check the status
  4. If you are connected, tap on “Check Connection”
  5. This will test the strength of your connection

You can also restart your Roku if Netflix not working is still your problem.

How to Fix Netflix on a Smart TV – Samsung VIZIO and Sony TV?

If Disney+ or Netflix does not work on your system, you should do the following:

  1. Power off and unplug your TV for 60 seconds
  2. At the time when your TV is unplugged, press and hold the Power on it
  3. You need to do it for 5 seconds until the TV is completely discharged
  4. If there is no power button on your TV, then let it remain unplugged for 3 minutes
  5. After plugging in your TV, power it on
  6. Try to use Netflix again or contact your TV Support

Fix Netflix app not working Android TV

To solve this problem, you can try doing the following:

  1. You can try to sign out of Netflix first
  2. Press the keys on your remote in the following manner:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up

  1. Now, select “Sign Out” and then sign in again
  2. If it doesn’t fix the issue, restart your Smart TV
  3. Check if still Netflix not working

How to fix Netflix app not working on Windows 10 and Mac?

If Netflix freezes on your Windows 10 or Mac device, try the following solutions:

  • Restart your Mac or Windows 10

Sometimes, restarting is the only thing you can to do fix this issue. Just restart your device and see if that helps. If you are facing this issue only with Netflix but not with Prime Video, there might be some issue with Netflix, not with your device.

  • Sign in again

You can try to sign in to Netflix once again or stream shows via

Netflix not working on VPN – NordVPN, ExpressVPN

If you are using a VPN on your device to spoof some video content of the other countries and it does not seem to serve the purpose, then you should check your IP as well as other geo-restrictions. You can also try to switch servers or check back after some time if you could use Netflix or not. Here is the list of things you can try to fix Netflix not working while you are using a VPN:

Note: This would also help in fixing Hulu not working if you are using a VPN

  • Try switching the servers
  • Try using a VPN on your PC instead of a mobile phone
  • Check after some time
  • Switch to another VPN service
  • Use another IP address to access the content

Fix Netflix download not working

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you want to download video content from Netflix. Netflix does not allow a user to download more than 100 titles from a single profile on a single device. Also, if there is no download button present under a video, you will not be able to download it anyhow. To download shows via Netflix, you need to do verify the following:

  • Check your device’s internet connection
  • Make sure there is enough space on your device
  • Check Netflix server status via
  • Ensure if that title is available for download or not
  • Restart your device or unplug and re-plug your Apple TV+

Fix Netflix AutoPlay not working

If auto-play is not enabled on your Netflix, then you should enable it manually:

  1. Sign in to Netflix
  2. Profile & Parental Controls settings
  3. Select “Change” next to Playback settings
  4. Select the option to enable “AutoPlay next episode in a series on all devices”
  5. Click “Save” to make the changes

How to fix Netflix subtitles not working?

When you see Netflix not working, especially its subtitles, then you should try these hacks:

  • Subtitles are not available for all the shows, check if they are there for the one you want
  • Enable subtitles from the video control menu
  • Switch the sub-titles language and see if it works
  • Change subtitles appearance from the Parental Control menu
  • Sign out and sign in again

Fix Netflix sound not working

  • Turn up the volume of your device
  • Turn up the volume in your current Netflix video
  • Make sure that you have not muted your device’s sound
  • Play another content to see if the issue is with Netflix or your device

Why Chrome won’t play Netflix?

Verify the following if you find out Netflix not working on Chrome:

  • Your device is connected to the Internet
  • Use the Incognito mode to stream
  • Check if VPN is not restricting its working
  • Switch to another browser and see if you face the same issue
  • Update the Chrome web browser


If you find out Netflix not working on FireStick, then you should refer to one of the sections above that addresses your issue with Netflix on FireStick. We have tried to cover different issues related to Netflix not working in this single post just to make sure that our readers could make the best use of this streaming service.


How do you fix Netflix when it won’t load?

If your Netflix app is freezing or not loading, then there could be a problem with the Netflix app you are using. To fix this issue, update the Netflix app on your device, or check the internet connectivity on your mobile or PC.

What are the 5 longest-running TV shows?

Being specific about Netflix, the longest-running shows of all time are Chelsea, Orange is the new Black, The Ranch, Grace and Frankie, BoJack Horseman, etc. On the other hand, if we look at the general TV shows, then these include One Life to Live, Wheel of Fortune,

How do I reset or change Netflix password on my TV?

Open the Netflix app on your device or go to the homepage. Hereafter, you have to click on the “Account” option where you will see an option to change the password. Just enter your current password and the new password and click “Change”.

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