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How To Fix the HP Solution Center Not Working Issue?

HP Solution Center is the Windows software program for your printer. It cannot be downloaded separately and comes with the Full Feature software and driver package of your device. HP Solution Center allows you to perform almost all printer-related tasks including printing, editing, scanning, troubleshooting, checking ink levels, etc. This article is going to tell you everything you need to know about the Solution Center program. If your HP Solution Center not working, give a read to the end and resolve the issue.

HP Solution Center Not Working

How To Download HP Solution Center For Windows 10?

HP Solution Center is an in-built software that gets downloaded when installing full printing software on Windows PC. Either you install the software from the HP website or the CD drivers, the HP Solution Center is calibrated automatically. Printers manufactured after 2011 do not have this software. HP has replaced the Solution Center with the HP printer assistant in later versions.

Since it comes pre-installed with printer software, there is no direct link available for downloading HP Solution Center. Therefore, you will have to download Full Feature Windows software to run the Solution Center. Follow these easy steps:

  • Disconnect the USB cable from your HP printer.
  • Go to HP customer support and install the drivers.
  • Enter your printer model and click on the submit button.
  • Choose Windows 10 in the OS version.
  • Download the driver and select the usual installation type.

How To Install HP Solution Center Software For Mac?

Mac PCs are not compatible with running HP Solution Center software. So don’t worry if you find HP Solution Center not working in your MacBook. However, when you install Mac printer drivers, a Full Feature HP Utility gets downloaded with it having similar features to perform the same tasks as those of Solution Center.

What To Do In Case HP Solution Center Cannot Run Because Your Device Installation Is Not Complete?

You might see your HP Solution Center not working if your device installation is not completed. This issue may be caused due to Flash Player or any other error in the operating system hindering the complete installation of the software. In such a case, try uninstalling and reinstalling the software to remove the issue. If the problem persists, try these steps out:

  • Disconnect the USB cable between your printer and PC.
  • Download and save Full feature software.
  • Go to the control panel, under ‘Programs and Features’, uninstall the existing software.
  • Now restart the computer and open Windows Explorer.
  • From the Downloads folder, double click on the software to install it on your device.
  • Connect the USB cable only if it asks to do so.
  • Again restart the computer and log in to your system.


HP Solution Center is the main program in Windows to run and maintain your printer. The program comes pre-downloaded with the Full Feature software to perform tasks such as scanning, copying, printing, and much more. If you find your HP SolutionCenternot working, ensure that you are not using a version of the printer later than 2011. Then follow our methods to successfully install and run Solution Center to perform that important task with your printer.


  1. Does HP Solution Center work without Flash?

Since HP  Solution Center is based on Flash, if Flash software is not active in your system, Solution Center won’t work. Flash Player has been discontinued and so you won’t get to activate it if it’s not already present on your device. However, you can always go for other printing and scanning apps at your convenience.

  1. How do I reinstall the HP Solution Center in Windows 10?

If you see your HP Solution Center not working, you will have to reinstall it. For this, first, uninstall the current HP driver completely. Open the official HP website and proceed to the ‘Software and Driver Download’s page. Now download the Full Feature software. HP Solution Center gets installed automatically with it.

  1. What has replaced HP Solution Center?

Here are other alternatives which you can go for if you are unable to use the Solution Center program properly.

  • Install built-in print drivers for printing purposes.
  • Use scanning apps such as HP Scan and Capture app, Windows Scan app, and Windows Fax and Scan to scan.
  • You can also use Irfanview for scanning and printing tasks.

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