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Fix HP Laptop Randomly Turns Off Issue | Quick Troubleshooting Tips

Despite of one of the most popular manufacturer of IT devices, you may experience some problems while using your HP laptops. One of the most common problem that a few users have a complaint about is their HP laptop shut down randomly without giving you any prior notification. Though this is quite a frustrating phase for the users, but you can fix the problem by applying some troubleshooting methods.

HP Laptop Randomly Turns Off

Here, in this article, we have mentioned some troubleshooting methods that you can apply to fix the problem. But before applying any of these methods, you must know the root cause behind this issue. There are several reasons that can be responsible for this issue. Just fo through the instructions given in this article, where we have provided detailed information related to the issue.

What Causes HP Laptop Shut Down Randomly Issue and Solution

There are several reasons why your HP laptop randomly turns off in sleep mode. The following information will help you in going through the exact reason why your laptop shuts down suddenly:


It is the most common reason why your laptop shuts down randomly. Sometimes your laptop gets overheated and you need to consider it as a major issue in order to avoid other problems. You can resolve this issue by applying a coolant paste on the processor. Just take your laptops to the laptop repair shops or else buy a cooling pad and apply gently on the processor.

Battery running low:

Long usage of laptops or excessive charging can cause low battery issues and you need to plug in your laptop with a power socket. In such cases, you need to check whether your battery is working fine or not, if not then immediately buy a new battery. It is recommended to check that the battery is having the same amperes that are specified by your laptops. You should also keep your computers and PCs plugged in only if the battery is running low.

Hardware failure:

Mostly the HP Laptop shuts down without warning because of any hardware-related issues. Though it is not an ordinary problem, you may need help of professional experts to fix it. Ensure that the service center has sufficient expertise to identify any problem with your laptop.

Virus-infected device:

Just like other common reasons, your computer or PC might be infected with virus. In such a case, don’t panic you can easily resolve this issue by downloading and installing a third-party antivirus application on your device.

RAM-related issues:

Sometimes, the RAM crashing problem occurs randomly and this shuts down your Windows 10 system without any warning. To fix this issue, you need to release your Ram, cool and clean it out and then attach it again after a while. You can also visit the HP Support webpage to have any technical assistance to fix this problem.

Faulty power supply:

There might be some issue with the power supply source that makes your laptops turn off randomly. It is the most serious problem as it can even cause several other problems to your laptop like it may go dead. You need to confirm that if there is any problem with the power supply, you also need to examine whether it is working properly or not.

What to do if nothing works?

Ever wondered what to do if any of the above solutions don’t help you to fix randomly turn off issue on HP 2000 computer or any other model. In such a case, you must know what should be done if all the above reasons won’t work. You can troubleshoot the problem even if the above methods don’t help you. You just need to re-install your windows. This will help you to eradicate all the viruses from your computer and allows the faster and smoother processing of your computer.

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