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How to troubleshoot a problematic Asus router?

The readers who are facing problems with their Asus router can always refer to this Asus router troubleshooting guide. We, in this blog post, are going to highlight some major problems faced by Asus router users. With that, we will also try to bring forth some solutions that would help you with using your once again. However, figuring out the major reasons that lead to the issues with your router before trying anything else should be our major concern. Thus, to begin our topic on Asus router troubleshooting, let us have a look at the main reasons why your Asus router is giving you a tough time.

Asus router troubleshooting

Why is your Asus router not working?

  • Your router is overheating
  • It needs a software update
  • You haven’t installed your router properly
  • Incorrectly configured settings
  • Cables are connected to the wrong ports
  • Or, the cables have been damaged
  • The internet servers are down
  • Your router isn’t showing compatibility with your device

Fix Asus router keeps disconnecting from the internet

Restart your router

Sometimes, restarting a device or a router is all it takes to get the problems fixed. To restart the router, turn it off, remove the cables, wait for a minute, plug in the cables again, and then power on your router once again.

Fix heating issues

Verify if your router is heating more than usual. If it is, then you should try to fix the overheating issue first before trying any other remedy. To do so, please disconnect the router completely and wait for at least half an hour and then power it on to see if the issue persists.

Check if the cables are plugged appropriately

If you do not plug the router cables in their respective ports, then it’s definite that you will face connection problems with your router. For Asus router troubleshooting, it is a must that you ensure if the cables have been plugged into their specific ports or not.

Fix Asus router login not working

If you are facing issues while logging in to your Asus router, then you need to check if you are inputting the correct login credentials in the login screen or not. In case you are feeding the correct login credentials and still, are unable to access the settings page of your router, then you need to reset your router and restore its default settings. To reset the router, perform the following procedure:

  1. Locate the reset button at the back of the router
  2. The moment your router is turned on, press and hold the “Reset” button
  3. Keep holding this button for about 5 seconds
  4. Release the same button when the power LED starts to light up
  5. Try logging in again with the default login credentials

This is how we do Asus router troubleshooting when you are not able to access the web interface of your router.

Way to fix Asus router wifi not working

To fix the Asus router wifi not working problem, you can try to update your Wi-Fi Driver. To update the driver, check out the list given below:

  1. On your system, right-click on “My Computer”
  2. Go to the “Properties” section
  3. Find and tap on “Device Manager”
  4. Right-click on your Wi-Fi driver’s name
  5. Choose the “update driver software” option
  6. You can also click on the “Uninstall” option if the previous one doesn’t work

However, after uninstalling the router driver, you will need to re-install the Wi-Fi driver on your device.

Try this if the Asus router not working after power outage

For a quick Asus router troubleshooting after a power outage, you should reboot your router. Rebooting will help the router restore the network connection and other settings on your router. To restart or reboot your router, power it off, unplug the cords that are attached to it, wait for 30 seconds, and then re-plug the cables. After re-plugging, the cables, press the power button to turn on your router once again.

In summary

In this write-up, we have had a glance at different aspects covering the Asus router troubleshooting topic in detail. If none of the given solutions help, you need to hard reset your router or take it to the Asus service center. Otherwise, it is time that you should replace your router with the new one.

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