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How to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working issues?

Yahoo is one of the most commonly used and best email service providers in the world. You can easily create your Yahoo account for personal and professional use. The commendable services and features of Yahoo make it efficient and easy to use. But sometimes you might face some problems while using it like, my Yahoo mail down, Yahoo email filters not working or you might be unable to receive emails on your Yahoo account.

Yahoo Mail Not Working

There can be several reasons for such issues, find the exact cause of your problem to identify the exact reasons to troubleshoot it. Now once you know why is my Yahoo email app no working, you need to identify the best methods to resolve this Yahoo not receiving emails issue. There are some common methods that you can try to resolve Yahoo not receiving email issues.

What Causes Yahoo Mail Delivery Problems?

There can be several reasons by which you may face such problems on your account, several things could bring the Yahoo Mail down. Generally, the following reasons can cause problems in your Yahoo account:

  • Account Issues
  • System Interruptions
  • User Errors

You can easily apply direct solutions to fix some of these causes, while others may need some special methods to get out of it.

How do I Resolve Yahoo Email Not Receiving any Emails problem?

If you are also facing Yahoo mail not working on Google Chrome or any other installed browser, then this section will help you to resolve the problem at the earliest. To troubleshoot this, not receiving some emails on Yahoo, you can apply any of the below-given methods:

Method 1: Try Using Mobile Browser

Sometimes, there might be some issues with your browsers in which you are accessing your Yahoo emails. In such a case, you can use a mobile browser to access your account or to change the current browser. A bad or lousy internet connection can also cause not receiving any Yahoo email problems. It is recommended to keep a check of updates and internet connection.

Method 2: Update Application

If you are facing Yahoo mail not working on android or iOS devices, then before apply any troubleshooting method, check for OS or application updates, and other related updates. Sometimes, outdated versions can restrict services and lead to Yahoo account unable to receive email situation.

Method 3: Check Your Account Filters

Yahoo Mail consists of a feature to automatically sort messages as soon as they arrive in your inbox. It’s a convenient feature, but like spam, sometimes it could grab emails you don’t intend it to. In such a case, it will best to regularly check your account filters to ensure everything is working well.

Method 4: Check out a “Reply-to” address option

There is a specific feature in Yahoo Mail that allows users to specify a different email address for their recipients to reply to. You need to check the Mailboxes section of your settings to ensure all of your messages are going to the desired recipients.

There might be some instances when your Yahoo mail notifications may not work properly on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. In such a case, ensure that you have configured the right POP/IMAP settings on your Yahoo Mail account.

Yahoo Mail not Receiving Emails on Mac:

There are several reasons that can cause yahoo mail settings not to work on Mac. One of the most common causes is connectivity issues. You can easily resolve the problem by applying any of the following methods:

Internet connectivity needs to be stable and high speed.

  • macOS needs to be updated.
  • Disable security features.
  • Yahoo server might be down.

All the above-given points are the most common reasons for Yahoo mail not receiving emails on Mac. Identify the exact cause of your problem and then apply the troubleshooting methods accordingly. Once you fix the issue, visit to check whether your mail is working properly.

Why am I Not Receiving Yahoo Emails on My Desktop Computer?

Yahoo mail not receiving emails on desktop computer issue can be fixed in multiple ways. Visit to find various methods to fix your issue. You can apply any of the quickest and simplest ways to fix your problem:

  • Check Spam Folder: Yahoo mail filters out all the suspicious emails. All such emails can be accessed in the spam folder of your Yahoo account. To access such mail, you have to check the spam folder and locate your email.
  • Check Block List: There might be some email addresses that may have blocked, and now you are unable to receive an email from them. In such a case, it is recommended to check your block list once; to do that, navigate to the Security and Privacy section of your account settings.


If you want to fix the Yahoo mail not receiving email issues, then you need to change some configuration settings to get your account back.

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