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How to Fix Venmo Not Working Issue | Venmo Down or Frozen

Venmo is one of the most popular peer payment apps that is available for iOS and Android users. The app is owned by Venmo and it was founded in 2009, but later in 2012, Braintree acquired the company and again acquired by Venmo at the end of 2013. It allows users to send money to their friends and relatives whole are in contact with each other quickly and easily within just one click. However, the Venmo app is also known for its public (or semi-public) transaction feed, which actually resembles a social media feed. It allows you to like and comment on these transactions, and other users can simply use emojis to describe the “reason” of the payment they are doing.

Venmo Not Working

But sometimes you may face problems while using the app. In such a case, it is important to know why is Venmo app not working. One of the most common problems that you may encounter while using the application is that the Venmo account not working. It is very important to find the exact cause and proper troubleshooting methods to fix the problem. We have mentioned some simple procedures to fix the problem in this article.

How do I Fix Venmo Account Not Working Problem?

There are several methods that you can try to fix common Venmo issues, like Venmo Payment Declined, etc. Some of the common troubleshooting techniques are:

Method 1. You don’t have the funds while pre-order something

It is not necessary to put money in your Venmo account, you can add a debit or credit card to continue your transactions.

  • Click on the Money tab and check if your bank account is added for transfer only.
  • Then, follow all the on-screen instructions and enter your Direct Debit Instruction and link your account to your cards.

Method 2. You might not be logged in or your guest pass has crossed its limit

It must be noted that non-Venmo account holders can use their particular credit card for only 15 times, and only till a maximum amount of about $ 4,000 in a lifetime. In case, if you not using a Venmo account, you need to create an account and the limitations will be removed. If you are already using a Venmo account, you need to simply enter the login credentials to log into your account.

Method 3. You are using a defective ad blocker

There might be some pop-up blocker installed on your device that may create problems for you while doing transactions with the Venmo app. On the basis of the website where you try to pay, you may sometimes receive a blank window while paying through the Venmo app. This pop-up blocker actually prevents the Venmo app from opening an additional payment window and continuing any transaction. All you have to do is temporarily turn off that blocker and then check whether the window can be opened or loaded properly.

Method 4. Venmo may be down

Just like any other Internet service, there can be some server-related issue with the Venmo app, that may slow down its speed. In such a case, all you can do is wait for a while and check frequently if the issue from the server has been fixed.

Method 5. There can be some problem with the installed antivirus app

The antivirus application installed on your device might be blocking Venmo app and you cannot access or even log in to perform your transactions. If the antivirus app is creating issues or blocking your ability to make payments with Venmo, it is recommended to disable it from your system so as to fix this problem.

Hope, the above-mentioned methods have helped you to fix the problem.

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