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How to Fix PayPal Button Not Working Issue? [Quick Guide]

PayPal is one of the popular online transaction applications that allow users to complete easy and digitized transactions. Though there are several applications that you can try to transfer money, with the development of technology and various features or functionalities, PayPal has gained its popularity. Because of its interesting service and easy maintenance of records, the application is used by merchants and small business owners to regularly check on their transactions.

PayPal Button Not Working

There are many problems that you may encounter while using the application. One of the most common problems that many users have a complaint about the PayPal button not working properly. There are several buttons that you need to click on your PayPal account to continue your transactions. If these buttons do not work properly or if you are facing any other issue like Fix PayPal credit not working, it is important to identify the exact cause of the problem. Here, in this article we have mentioned in detail how can you fix such issues.

What Makes PayPal Button Unable to Work?

It is very easy and simple to use PayPal application on iPhone and Android devices. But if you are such a user who is facing issues while doing transactions or any activity with this application, don’t panic. To get rid of PayPal button not working on iPhone or Android devices you may first know the reasons and then it’s troubleshooting techniques that are discussed below.

Reasons Why PayPal Button Stop Working

There can be many reasons for PayPal account button not working issue. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Internet Connection: Improper internet connection may slow down your PayPal activities. So, when you press any button on your device then it seems that they are not working properly.
  • Old Version: If you are using an old version of the application or haven’t updated the application to the latest version then you can face such issue.
  • Your account might get freezes: This can be one of the reasons as there can be some server-side problem in your system that makes you unable to tap any button on your account.

And, there can be many other reasons which can make you unable to use your PayPal Buy now button on iPhone or Android devices. To get away with this, you can try the following troubleshooting steps:

How do I Fix PayPal Button Not Working?

There are various troubleshooting methods that you can try to fix the problem and to bring your PayPal buttons again in a working state. Start by checking the internet connection of your device, then apply the following troubleshooting guide to fix the problem:

  • Wait for a while as if there is any server-side issue, then you need to wait for a while as will be automatically fixed.
  • If the problem is because of the outdated version of the PayPal application, update it to the latest version from the app store.
  • If you are unable to find the exact cause of the problem, then you should uninstall and then install the application once again so that its functions are refreshed and the button will start working.

Hope, these methods have helped you to fix the problem and to troubleshoot PayPal button not working issue. After trying the above steps, if the PayPal button doesn’t come to a working state then you can contact the customer support of the application to get your issue resolved.

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