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How To Fix iPhone Activation Error After Update?

Sometimes, you may experience few errors after updating or restoring your iPhone device. One such issue is the iPhone Activation Error that generally occurs after installing the latest updates in your iPhone. Though managing this issue is not such a difficult task for users, but you need to find the exact cause of the problem. Whenever you experience the activation error while activating the iPhone, find the exact cause of it as a workaround totally depends on its root cause. Here, in this article, we have mentioned proper methods to fix the “Could not Activate iPhone” error message.

iPhone Activation Error

What Causes iPhone Activation Failed Error?

Mainly the issue arises if there is something wrong with processes connecting Apple’s servers to your iPhone. This thing can occur with anyone and need to resolve at the earliest. The Activation request might not be completed if you are unable to continue with Your Activation, server issue, or your iPhone might not be recognized properly. Whatever is the main reason for such an error in your system, always try to resolve the error as soon as possible. We have mentioned some simple methods in our guide to easily fix iPhone activation errors after a software update or restoration.

Quick Solutions to Fix iPhone Activation Error:-

As explained, the iPhone could not be activated because the activation information could not be obtained properly. There are many reasons, as well for such activation-related issues in your device. Given below are some common methods that you can try to fix such issues from your end:

Solution 01: Check the Network Connection

First of all, before applying any technical method, make sure your iPhone has a stable internet connection. The iPhone issue mainly occurs due to the Apple firmware verification server. So, it is very important that your device must have adequate network connection. If the network is unstable or not responding properly, restart your modem or router or use the different internet source if possible. In case of Wi-Fi, check if the connection is strong enough and your device is properly connected to network.

Solution 02: Wait a Bit

Whenever you get the error for the first time, you should wait a bit. There might be some server-related issue on Apple’s end and it makes your request unable to process rapidly. Many users claim that waiting for few minutes helps them to fix iPhone activation failed errors on their device. While you’re at it, remove the SIM card from the SIM tray and insert it again after some time and try the same method again.

Solution 03: Restart the Device

The simplest way to resolve any issue with your devices is to restart them. While it may not offer you smooth activation, but it is the best option to try once. You just have to force restart your device as it often helps users to fix the error. Sometimes your iPhone or iPad might not respond properly or and gets hung so you cannot even turn it off easily. Even worse, you may experience issues while turning it on. In that case, force restart or hard reboot are considered the best option to get out of any error message.

Solution 04: Restore via iTunes

If the issue persists even after trying the above methods, try to restore your device. For this, switch off the iPhone and connect it to the PC and then launch iTunes and start the iPhone. iTunes basically detects the device and asks users to restore it. Once the restoration process is successfully completed, try activating the device again.


So, next time whenever you experience an iPhone activation error on your device, try to activate it using the above methods. If you are still facing any issues or need any help, please contact the iPhone customer Support number. The certified and experienced iPhone Customer Support executives are available 24*7 to fix all your issues at the earliest.

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