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How to Fix “iCloud Email Not Working” Issue? [Quick Workarounds]

Are you unable to send your important emails using your Apple ID? If yes, then don’t panic. We are here to solve all issues related to your iCloud email account so you can enjoy all its services again. Issues like iCloud email not working are very common and serious, as well, and need to be resolved as soon as possible. Nowadays, almost all iPhone users are moving to iCloud service to have better storage service. Apple mainly focuses on iCloud and there is another feature called iCloud Drive that saves all your data from your iPhone, iPad to the Cloud service. Here, in this article, we have mentioned common iCloud email-related issues and their workarounds.

What Causes iCloud Email Not Working?

There are many reasons which cause problems while working with an iCloud account. Some of them are as follows:

Issues With iCloud Addresses

Sometimes, Apple might not be able to verify the legitimacy of an email address on other domains. This makes users unable to send an email to an address with domains of,, or if that address does not exist. The mobile app you are using will not indicate which address is wrong, but causes problems while sending emails to such addresses.

Sending Huge Size Emails

As per Apple’s documentation, the maximum size of an email message that you can send is set to 20MB which includes text and attachments. You can also activate Mail Drop in Apple Mail which utilizes iCloud to store temporary files up to 5GB in size per message.

Sending email to too many recipients

Apple basically allows you to send an email to a maximum of 500 recipients. Hence, if you send mail to a number of recipients exceedings the limit, you may face the iCloud email problem.

Quick Steps to Fix Cloud Email Issues On iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Whenever you face problem while using iCloud email account on iPhone, iPod, or other Apple device, follow the below suggestions.

  • Make sure the iPhone, iPad, or iPod that you are using has stable Internet connection. Verify the strength of the internet whether you are able to open
  • You can also visit to check if you are able to access emails from your iCloud email account from a Mac or PC. 
  • Check the Mail setting of iPhone, iPad, or the device you are using. If the mail setting is off, turn it on by going to Settings; then your name and go to iCloud.
  • Try to send yourself an email to check if the Push option is working properly.
  • Remove all the cookies and caches from the email settings and the browser, as well.
  • The device may be affected by the virus. In such cases, use an Antivirus application to remove the virus.
  • Also, configure the POP3 server and SMTP server settings manually to fix the issue.

Why is iCloud Email not Working on Windows 10?

Instances may arise when Windows 10 Mail App rejects iCloud password even when you are entering the correct password. If you are also facing this problem, then don’t worry as it is due to the recent change in security policies that Apple has recently made. This is mainly done to push users to use two-factor authentication or two steps sign-in. 

You might have enabled the two-factor authentication on your iCloud and this makes iCloud unable to work in Windows 10 Mail App. In such cases, you can replace your Apple password with the temporary app-specific password to resolve the issue.

How do I Fix iCloud Email not Working on Android?

There can be problems that lead to iCloud Not working on your Android devices. Follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps to fix iCloud email issue:

  • Check for the strength of internet connection in your wifi and the device you are using. If there is some problem in the wifi or the internet is not adequate, immediately contact the network service provider. 
  • Make sure the login credentials, i.e., email address and password you are providing while logging into the account is correct.
  • Update your email application to the latest version as outdated versions can also create issues.
  • At last, delete all the unwanted emails from inbox and outbox as this creates space for the new emails.

Wrapping Up

You will be unable to receive new emails on your iCloud mail account due to several reasons. It is very important to find the exact cause and proper workaround to fix issues like iCloud email not working properly. Learn different workarounds to resolve the issues with iCloud email services.

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