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How To Establish Connection Using WPS Pin For HP Printer?

With the advancement of technology, modern HP printers require a pin called a WPS pin to establish a connection between your HP printer and the wireless network. So whenever you want to use the internet, you will need a WPS pin for HP printer to connect with the Wi-Fi router. This pin is much safer and more practical in use than a USB cable connection. So, here we have mentioned everything you need to know about WPS connection and also how to use the pin.

WPS pin for HP printer

What Is A WPS Pin For Printers?

Just like other devices have a code to establish a connection to another device or router, HP printers also have an 8-digit number to connect them to the wireless routers. Every HP printer has its own unique code which doesn’t work with other printers. Launched in 2006, WPS technology provides a highly secured network connection between devices. Using a WPS pin for HP printer, you can disable other users from connecting their printers to your Wi-Fi router.

How To Find The WPS Pin On Your HP Printer?

In almost all the latest versions of HP printers, including HP LaserJet, HP Officejet 4650, and HP Envy 4520, you can see the WPS pin on the printer itself. There is a small screen present on your printer which contains an 8-digit pin code to be used for wireless connection. You can enter the WPS pin for your printer. Now next time when you try to connect your printer with a wireless router, the HP printer will generate a new unique pin code.

Where Is The WPS Pin Located On My HP Deskjet 2652 Printer?

If you have an HP Deskjet 2652 Printer, you must be confused why you are not able to find a WPS pin for HP printer. Although almost all HP printers generate their own unique code for wireless connection, users of HP Deskjet 2600 and HP Deskjet 2652 can’t use one because these printers don’t have a screen or a control panel at the top. But don’t worry, you can still connect to your Wi-Fi router using the WPS button.

To connect to your wireless router using the WPS push button, follow the below-given steps:

  • Turn on your printer, and if it’s already on, we recommend you restart it.
  • Search for the WPS button at the back of your printer. Usually, you will see WPS written on it. If not, the button may have 2 round arrows pointing in opposite directions.
  • Press and hold the button for 3-4 seconds unless you see a blue/green flashing light in your printer.
  • Now, look for the WPS button at the backside of the router.
  • Press the button for a few seconds. WPS light blinking on the router will show that it has been turned on.
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes. You will see that both the LED lights have stopped blinking. This indicates that the devices have been connected.

How To Connect Your HP Printer To Wi-Fi Using WPS Pin?

The WPS pin works only if you have a screen or control panel on your printer. Note that you won’t find this pin in HP printer assistant software. Follow these simple steps to connect your printer to a wireless router.

  • The first step is to switch on your printer. Consider restarting it if it was already on.
  • On the printer screen, you will see the settings option. From there, go to the control panel.
  • Press the wireless button showing on the screen. You will notice that blue light has started blinking.
  • In the control panel, click on the ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ option.
  • Now carefully read the instructions given on your screen.
  • After that, select the WPS pin option and an eight-digit number will be generated on your printer’s screen.
  • Note that the screen shows the pin only for 8 to 10 seconds. If you miss at that time, you will have to generate a new pin again.
  • The final step is to enter the WPS pin for your printer on the computer screen.


Now whenever you want to connect to a wireless network, just see the screen and follow the steps as mentioned in the article. Using the WPS pin for HP printer, you will enjoy a stable and safe connection. Even if you don’t have a screen on your printer, you can always use the push button to establish the network connection. Both the methods are reliable and convenient to use.

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