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Reasons and Fixes to try if your GPU Fan not spinning

Have you recently welcomed home a new PC only to find out that the GPU fan inside it is not spinning? This situation is enough to frustrate you if you are a gaming lover or work mostly with graphics whether your PC is old or new. A GPU fan not spinning might be caused due to several reasons that we are going to talk about in today’s blog post. But, before we try and find reason and fixes for the same, you must acknowledge that GPU fans only spin when they reach a certain temperature. So, in that case, users should for a while and see if the fans start to spin after some time. If not, read the rest of the post.

GPU Fan not spinning

Why is my GPU Fan not spinning?

  • You forgot to plug in the PCIe cable

In some cases, this is certainly one of the reasons when the PCIe cable is not properly plugged in with the PSU. In that case, you should check if the graphic card is getting a proper power supply or not.

  • Other connections might be lost

In most cases, users search for “GPU fan not spinning” without even checking for the reasons themselves. If that is the case with you too, then you should cross-check all the other connections e.g. if the cables are plugged in or if they are in their correct position.

  • The GPU component is faulty

If you have carefully checked that all the cables are seated and other things are working just fine, then it is certain that there is an issue with the component itself. And, the only way to fix it is by replacing the GPU component. However, before doing that, you can do the following.

Possible solutions

Checking the following might be a good idea:

  1. Install a working power supply-this simply means that before providing the power supply to the GPU, you must ensure that the power supply is actually working. After ensuring that, provide the power supply and check if the GPU fan spins or not.
  2. Use the graphics card on another PC- in case you have access to one more system, then you should try and install that into another system and see if it works. If it works there, then there is a problem with your PC or vice versa.
  3. Remove the graphics card and boot your system- The next thing you can try doing is remove the whole graphics system from the PC completely. After that, you should try booting your PC and see if it boots up or not. In that case, there is no problem with the motherboard but your graphics card is at fault.
  4. Remove any dust from the graphics card-at times, the accumulation of dust on the graphics card can be the reason behind it not working. So, gently remove the dust off and see if it helps.

Graphics card fans not spinning and monitor no signal

If you are facing this issue time and again on your PC, then you can try turning it off and on your system entirely. But before you turn on your PC once again, let out all the external peripherals from it including the SSD, USB devices, Memory card, etc. Once you remove these, turn on your system again to check if it works or not. Also, check the power supply for any issues.

Final tip-

If none of the above-given resolutions helped you in fixing the issue, then the last thing you can try is oiling the GPU fan’s bearings. However, this can be only done on the age-old GPU fans and must not be done on the new ones.

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