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How to Fix Google Chrome not working in Windows 10?

Google Chrome not working

Google Chrome acts as a perfect suite of web tools that can be used to search for anything. But sometimes, due to any reason, you might have to face that there is a downside in that browser. You might be wondering why is my google chrome not responding. If you ever face such situation, don’t panic. It is very simple to bring Google Chrome again in a working state. There are several causes of the “Chrome is not responding” error message, find the exact cause and proper troubleshooting methods to fix it.

What Causes Google Chrome Not Working Issue?

You might want to know Why won’t Google Chrome open? So, there can be multiple reasons that may create problems while running Google Chrome on your system. The problem generally arises due to the browser slowdowns or stoppages that is caused because of improper memory management. Running too many tabs simultaneously on an underpowered device can also create memory leaks that can destabilize browser or Windows or both.

Sometimes, a broken extension or a misbehaving web page can create problems for you. These issues potentially freeze your browser or may lead to its abnormal termination.

How to fix Google Chrome Not responding errors?

Once you come to know why Chrome not loading pages properly, select the proper troubleshooting technique to fix your issue. Even though there is no guaranteed solution that brings Chrome again in running state. You can apply the below-given steps for Google Chrome not working on iPhone, Android, or any other device.

You can apply any of the following methods to get your issue resolved:

Update to the latest version of Chrome: Before apply any technical methods to solve your problem, check whether you are using the updated version of Chrome. To check the version of the installed Chrome browser, go through Settings > Help > About Google Chrome. This will open a new tab indicating all the information about the installed version of Google Chrome. Check for any updated version. If there is any, Chrome automatically updates.

Clear the history and cache: The problem can be caused due to corrupted cache. It is always recommended to clear the cache and delete the browsing history. This helps you to get rid of any corrupted data.

Reboot the device: There might be some memory-related issues in your operating system that can prevent the browser from running. In such a case, rebooting your computer will flush the system RAM and creates a like-new environment for the Chrome browser.

Disable extensions: Extensions are an integral part of any browser that adds new features to it. However, some of these extensions might not be actively maintained and may became outdated or incompatible with new versions of Chrome. If the extensions are creating problem, then disable them one-by-one.

Reset Chrome to default: If you are unable to run Google Chrome on Android or iOS mobile phone or any other device, then there might be some problems in your browser’s settings. In such a case, simply reset everything so all seems like when you installed Chrome the first time.

Use any other browser: If none of the above methods has helped you, then you can use any other browser, for a while. Generally, people prefer to use Opera as it has some features that are not even found in Google’s browser. Opera is a light-weight browser that offers a built-in cryptocurrency wallet for safe online transactions. Along with this, it also offers a free built-in VPN to reduce online tracking and guaranteeing anonymity.

Final Words:

Once you come to know that Google Chrome is not working well on your system, apply any of the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods. But before that, it is recommended to back-up your Chrome profile folder.

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