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5 easy ways to fix a Roku remote that is not working

The Roku remote is the heart of any Roku device as it lets you perform any desired function on the device and binge-watch your favorite content. But, when this remote stops working as it should be, then it is nothing worse than a nightmare. Although this problem is not as complicated as it may sound to you, you have to troubleshoot the Roku remote not working issue as fast as possible so that you can binge-watch your desired shows again.

Roku remote not working

Why my Roku tv remote is not working?

There could be some major or minor issues that are responsible for this issue and some of these reasons are written below:

  • Most probably, the batteries are dead or reached the end of their life-cycle
  • The signal between the remote and the device has been blocked
  • There is a hardware issue with the remote
  • The pairing has gone astray
  • Your Roku device is at fault

Is your Roku remote not working as well? Worry not! Here are the possible fixes for you.

Troubleshoot a problematic Roku remote

  1. Verify the signals

In case there is an obstruction in the signal of the remote, it will surely not respond to whatever you are trying to do with it. In this situation, you ought to make sure that there is nothing between the device and the remote. Try using the remote from different angles and positions or go closer to the device to get a good signal.

  1. Replace the batteries

After you have tried the first method, try checking the batteries of the remote for any issue. For this, you can replace the batteries with the new ones and see if your remote started to work again. You can also switch positions of the older batteries as it sometimes helps in resolving the issue.

  1. Restarting/resetting may help

If your remote is still unresponsive even after inserting the new batteries, you should try to restart the Roku remote as well as the Roku device. For this, you have to take off the batteries from the remote and disconnect the power cable from the device. Wait for some time and then re-insert the batteries and then plug in the power cord again. After turning on the Roku device, wait for up to 30 seconds until you check the remote. This method works the best when the Roku remote not working flashing green light.

  1. Check the network connection on your Roku device

No matter which Roku device you have, it always works on one or more connections. In such a scenario, you need to check whether the device is receiving proper connectivity or not. As sometimes, the fault is not with the remote but the Roku device itself.

  1. Pair the remote again

To re-pair the Roku remote, one needs to repeat the pairing process completely as he has done for the first time. Make sure your device is recognizable during the pairing process.

What if there is no pairing button on your Roku remote?

In case your Roku remote is not working properly and there is no pairing button on it, then your Roku remote is Standard Infrared Remote. These kinds of remotes need not have a pairing button on them and can be used without pairing them with the device. To fix such a remote, you can just try replacing the batteries and make sure there is no obstruction between the device and the remote. This shall help you get rid of the Roku remote not working no pairing button issue instantaneously.


In this post, we have discussed all the possible ways to fix a Roku remote not working. However, if you still find any difficulty while using your Roku remote, you can download the Roku app on your device and operate the device from the app because it has all the features that are there in the remote. Additionally, you can get your remote replaced with a new one.

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