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Top ways to fix problems with Hulu activation

Do you so want to start watching programs on Hulu but you are not able to go ahead with it? Don’t indulge yourself in so much trouble because we are here to guide you on how to get this done. When you see Hulu activate not working, just try one of these remedies and you’ll be on your pathway to unlimited entertainment.

Hulu activate not working

Most commonly users face issues while activating Hulu via or when they could not use the activation code.

The section below will showcase some common causes referring to why Hulu activate not working and the solutions that would help you get away with this issue.

Why is Hulu activate not working?

All the major video streaming platforms require you to first activate the purchased subscription on your devices. To activate it, you will need to complete some pre-requisites that are listed below:

  • There is some internet connection problem in your area or the network you are using
  • Hulu website is undergoing maintenance or its servers are down
  • You are trying to activate Hulu on an incompatible device
  • You are using a URL other than for activation
  • The fed Hulu activate code is incorrect

Solutions to fix Hulu activate not working

  • Re-launch the Hulu app

Exit the Hulu app or the Hulu window you are currently using and reopen it to see if that works. If it still shows the same issue, then you should go to the next solution.

  • Yes, check the internet connection

This is surely one of the best ways to get rid of any issue with your device or programs that you want to use on it. Since all the activities that we do on our devices are done by the use of the internet, therefore if there is an issue with the network connection, then you will face issues while using programs on it including Hulu.

  • Check app update

If you are using an age-old version of the Hulu app on your device, then look for the available updates and get them downloaded onto your device. Some of the users have tried updating their devices and the programs that are available on them and doing this has helped them in many ways.

  • Enter the right code

Sometimes, solving the Hulu activate not working issue is as simple as entering the right code in the right space. Just be sure of the uppercase and lowercase characters and enter them carefully.

  • Reinstall the Hulu app

If you have tried everything else, then please give this simple hack a try. Close and uninstall the Hulu application and then get it back on your phone or PC and try activating Hulu again.

TIP: Some specific issues related to Hulu activation have been addressed below. So, have a look at them.

Where do I enter Hulu activate code?

If you find Hulu not working on your PC, then you must be entering an incorrect activation code at an incorrect space. Therefore, it is pretty important that you know where to enter the activation code:

  1. Just open the Hulu app on your device
  2. Click “Log In” to sign in to your Hulu account
  3. Click “Activate on a computer”
  4. You will be presented with a Hulu activate code
  5. Go to the page
  6. Enter the activation code within 30 seconds

Fix Hulu failed to refresh activation code

Try these quick solutions if you are unable to generate or regenerate the Hulu activation code:

  • Refresh the web browser that you are using
  • Re-launch the Hulu app on your device
  • Uninstall and reinstall the application
  • Clear your web browser’s cache

These quick foxes can also be used to fix the issue with Disney Plus or Prime Video.


When Hulu activate does not work on your Apple TV then there might be an issue with the Ad-Blocker you are using. Just disable this Ad-blocker for some time and then check to see if that helps you in resolving this problem. If you are using a VPN, turning it off might also help.

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