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How to Fix Not Getting Gmail Notifications Issues?

Gmail is the most popular email service provider globally. The email service is used by over 1.5 billion active users worldwide. It is basically a messaging app that comes preloaded on many smartphone models. Along with just sending and receiving emails, Gmail also allows its users to communicate with friends, family, colleagues, and business partners.

Gmail Notifications Not Working

The Gmail application also sends you a notification that indicates all the latest emails coming to your inbox. But sometimes, there are some instances when you experience the issue of Gmail notifications not working. In such a case, it is very important to find the root cause of the problem and proper troubleshooting methods to fix the problem. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some common reasons to fix the issue of Gmail app notifications not working on android and iPhones.

How do I Fix Gmail Notifications Not Working Issue?

Do you often miss out on important Gmail notifications as the mobile app doesn’t notify you of new emails coming to your inbox? Given below are some technical methods that you can try to know How do I get Gmail notifications on my Mac and other devices:

Method 1: Update Your Desktop Browser

Since Gmail desktop notifications not working on Windows 10 system can be caused due to any problem in your browser. The setting of your browser is mainly responsible to display notifications of any app installed in your system. So, if you are not getting notifications, you must check if your browser is properly updated. In case of outdated browsers, update it from the manufacturer’s official site.

Method 2: Use a Different Browser

Sometimes, you may experience the problem in any specific browser. In such a case, you should use any other installed browser. Mainly, the notifications work on Chromium-based browsers, like Opera, Brave Browser and Microsoft Edge.

Regardless of identifying the exact cause for not getting Gmail notifications, try other browsers for a while. If you are experiencing the same issue in other browsers, as well, then it’s time to reinstall or update the browser.

Method 3: Clear App Cache

Clearing the app cache can also help to fix the issue and prevents you from making a change in email notification settings. This method will help you to fix not getting Gmail notifications issue on iPhone and Android phones. Follow the steps given below to clear the mail app cache:

Firstly, open the Settings application on your device and then click on the ‘Apps & notifications’ option.

  • Then, click on the ‘See All Apps’ option.
  • Locate and click on Gmail from the list of applications.
  • Click on the ‘Storage & cache’ option and then tap the Clear cache icon.
  • At last, restart your device and check if the issue still persists.

Method 4: Update Your Phone or Computer

If none of the above methods has helped, it’s time to check if your phone is updated or not. If the phone, tablet or computer, whatever you are using, is not updated, that please update it. It is recommended to keep your devices up to date either way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not getting email notifications on my Samsung Galaxy S10?

There can be several reasons that can make you unable to receive email notifications on your Samsung Galaxy S10 or any other Android device. It may be due to improper settings of your device or unable to connect network.

How do I get Gmail notifications on Chrome?

You can try the following methods to get Gmail notifications on Chrome:

  • Disable Battery Optimisation for Gmail
  • Disable Battery Saver
  • Clear App Cache
  • Disable Data Saver

How do I fix Gmail notification access is not available?

If your Gmail doesn’t send you a notification, then you can try some of the techniques to solve the issue:

  • Set your Gmail notifications to “On”
  • Change settings for labels sync.
  • Turn Power Saving mode off
  • Update your Gmail app or the System’s software

Summing Up:

If you have executed the above-mentioned steps properly, we hope that you may get your Gmail notifications back. If you’re still unable to receive Gmail notifications, then you must find the exact cause of the problem. It may be time to contact Google support, they will try to fix your problem by more effective methods.

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