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Fix Netgear router not connecting to internet

Netgear routers are designed in such a manner that they always make the users astonished with their next-gen technology and faster network connectivity. Whether you have purchased a router to be used in the office or just for household usage, it is expected to give you high-speed connectivity. However, when situations turn bad, you may have to face several kinds of uninvited problems with your wireless routers. The most annoying situation among several others is when your router fails to do what it is ought to do i.e. giving you proper network connectivity.

Netgear router not working

Read on this write-up to find out more about Netgear router troubleshooting.

Why is Netgear router not working after reset?

When you reset your router, the settings saved on it are also restored leading your router not to work as expected. Here are some of the reasons why your router might not be working:

  • Due to the overheating factor
  • There are internet outages in your area
  • You are using an outdated version of the router
  • You have not configured the router properly
  • There is a fault in the Ethernet cable you are using for the connection
  • Some internal or external damages in the router

After identifying the actual cause behind the issue, let us now figure out the solutions to fix the issue.

Fix Netgear router password recovery not working

If you have forgotten your Netgear router password and you are trying to reset it at but the password recovery procedure is not working the right way for you, then you might be entering the incorrect password recovery details. Or, you might be choosing the incorrect password recovery mode. To fix this issue, you are suggested to use an alternate password recovery method. If you fail in all your attempts, you will have to factory reset your router.

Quick fix Netgear router not showing up on network list

Tip: Before trying any other remedy, the very first thing you need to do is restart all the connected devices to restore the connection.

If your router’s name is not available in the list of the available networks, then you are suggested to enable 2.4 GHz broadcast in the router. In addition to this, you also need to ensure that you have turned on your router or not. Also, you need to check the router’s settings for learning if they are configured properly or not. If it still fails to show in the network’s list, then you can use the Ethernet cable to connect your router to your device and see if it shows up or not.

Here’s the list of Netgear router troubleshooting methods

  • If you have connected your router and the PC through the Ethernet cable, then you need to check if the cables are torn out, twisted, or damaged.
  • In the case of wireless connectivity, make sure you have selected the correct network name to connect to the internet.
  • If you continue to face Netgear router not connecting to internet issues, then you should check if you have entered the correct network passphrase or not.
  • You may also try to restart your router-modem as well as the router and system you are using. Also, verify if the cables are properly plugged in.
  • If everything else just goes in vain, check it with your Internet Service Provider if there is another issue the whole network is facing.


The Netgear router users who are facing another issue with their router such as Netgear parental controls not working, etc. then they should follow the solutions provided in this write-up to say goodbye to any such issue.


What Lights Should Be on My Netgear Router?

If your Netgear router is working properly and you are not seeing any orange light on it, then there is no problem with your router. On the other hand, if your router is showing an orange light, then there is a possible issue with your router.

What to do when Netgear WiFi stops working?

There are a couple of things you can try if your Netgear router not connecting to internet. In such a case you should if the Ethernet cable is torn out or if you have selected the correct network name and entering its passphrase correctly or not.

Why is my Netgear router connected but no Internet?

Contact your Internet Service Provider to be sure if there is no problem at their end. If there isn’t, then you can try to reset your router to its default settings, restart it, or try again after some time. You can also try switching to a wired network connection instead.

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