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Top 5 remedies to fix problems with FireStick remote

Is your FireStick remote no working and giving you a tough time? This might happen with any FireStick user due to some internal or external factors. Thus, in order to have a clear understanding of the same, you must give this article a read and try some of the remedies to get your remote working back again. Although this issue doesn’t seem to be rocket science but to get back to entertainment mode, you have to do something that works right for you.

FireStick remote not working

Why is my FireStick remote not working?

Before you try to reset your FireStick remote to factory settings, try knowing the cause responsible for the issue:

  • The batteries of any remote work as its heart. If the batteries stop working or go weak, you won’t be able to use your remote under any circumstances.
  • In case your remote is no longer paired with Fire Stick, then you are surely going to face this issue.
  • Another main cause for FireStick remote not working issue is the distance. If you are using your remote from a distant place, then it won’t work as it should be.
  • Apart from this, any obstruction between the remote and the FireStick is enough to stop you from using your remote.
  • You might be using an incompatible remote with your version of FireStick.
  • Last but not the least, any external damage to the remote will also lead to the same issue which is the reason why your FireStick buttons not working.

Ways to fix FireStick Remote Issues

Way 1- Re-install the batteries

  1. Take off the batteries from the remote
  2. Switch their positions
  3. And, re-insert them
  4. If that doesn’t work, install new batteries

Way 2- Re-pair the remote

Before you can actually start using your FireStick remote, you need to pair it with your device. To do so, complete these steps:

  1. Plug-in your FireStick and turn it on.
  2. Wait until it boots up.
  3. Go closer to the Fire Stick while holding the remote.
  4. After that, press and hold the ‘Home’ button on it.
  5. Keep on holding it for about 10 seconds.
  6. Now, release this button and see if it works.
  7. If this fails to help, repeat the process a few times more.

Way 3- Remove the obstructions

It is very important that your remote is in the range of Fire Stick, else it won’t work. Apart from maintaining a particular distance, you must verify that no object or wall is coming in between the remote and the Fire Stick. You can also try moving closer to the FireStick and see if you could operate the remote or not.

Way 4- Remove the interference

The FireStick remote might not work if there is any interference in its way. Make sure that no following device is near it:

  • Microwave ovens
  • Wireless phones
  • Wireless speakers
  • Coaxial cables without any shield

Way 5- Verify the compatibility

Not all the remotes are made to work with the Fire Stick. If you use a remote that is incompatible, then you won’t be able to operate it ever.

What if the menu button on the FireStick remote not working?

This issue can be resolved simply by restarting the FireStick. All you have got to do is, unplug the FireStick from the power source, and then plug it back again after a minute or so. After that, you can try using the Home button again and see if it works. Apart from this, you can also try to install new batteries in the remote.


By the end of this write-up, you would be able to fix issues with your Amazon Fire Stick remote. If you still come across the FireStick remote not working issue, you can use the Fire TV application, instead. Otherwise, it is time to get a new remote, either from the market or from Amazon itself.

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