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How do I fix it when AOL won’t let me reset my password?

If your AOL account is blocked due to some reason or you’re unable to reset your AOL login password, this is definitely a thing to worry about. The same situation has happened with me when AOL won’t let me reset my password but eventually, I was able to log back into my account.

aol won't let me reset my password

If you also want to know the secret of how I gained access to my AOL account, carry on with reading this article till the last and one of the solutions would definitely help you.

The correct steps for AOL password reset

You might be following an incorrect procedure to reset your AOL account password. Ensure that you are doing the same as described below:

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Go to the web address
  3. Click on the “Log In” button
  4. On the login screen, enter your username and select “Next”
  5. Click the “forgot password?” link below the password space
  6. Complete the sign-in helper instructions
  7. Set a new password after verifying your account

While settings up the new password, make sure that it meets the AOL password requirements.

The minimum AOL password requirements

  • Must be of 8 or more characters
  • It should not be longer than 16 characters
  • Use a mix of numbers and letters
  • Please try to include both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • You can also use special characters in your password
  • Do not use the same password as the earlier one

Can I log in with my AOL Mail login screen name and password?

When AOL won’t let me reset my password, the only question that hit my mind if I can log in with my AOL screen name and password? No, you cannot use your screen name to log in to your AOL account. Your screen is something that is visible to other users whenever you ping them or reply to their emails. On the other hand, your AOL username works as one of the account login credentials.

How to change AOL password on iPhone or iPad?

Changing an AOL password from an iOS device is an extremely easy process. Just do as suggested:

  1. Install the AOL mobile app through the App Store
  2. Open the app and click on “Log In”
  3. After you’ve logged in, tap on the menu icon or your profile picture
  4. In the “Account Security” setting, click on “Change Password”
  5. Type the new login password twice
  6. At last, click “Continue” to save the password

How to change AOL password on Android?

After learning the method to change the AOL password on an Android device, we shall have look at why AOL won’t let me reset my password. Follow the tips to change your AOL password:

  1. Open the AOL app on go to AOL homepage
  2. Try to sign in to your account with an existing password
  3. Click on the Profile icon on the homepage
  4. Go to the “Account Security” settings and tap on “change password”
  5. Enter a new password that meets the password requirements
  6. Click “Continue” on your Android device

Why is my AOL password not working?

If your AOL password does not work, then you might have changed it and you are still entering the previous password that you used before changing it. In case you are using the current password to log in, then you might be making a mistake while entering the password. Therefore, you should check the password before tapping the “Log In” button. If you find nothing to be working out, then it’s best to reset your password without any delay.

Fixes for AOL password reset problems

  • Try to reset your password after clearing your browser cookies and cache
  • Restart your device or enable-disable the airplane mode on it
  • Just ensure that you are going to the correct web address
  • While choosing and answering the security question, make sure to do it the right way
  • Use incognito mode to reset your AOL password
  • If you see AOL mail not working on any other device, then try back after some time

What is the AOL phone number for password reset?

If the AOL Sign-In Helper is not resolving the password reset problem that you are facing, then you can contact AOL by dialing its AOL phone number for a password reset. Henceforth, you will be asked to complete the identity verification on the phone call after which you will be able to set a new password for your account.

Closing note:

When AOL won’t let me reset my password, I tried these solutions one after the other, and eventually, I was able to set a new password for logging in to my AOL account. if you do not complete the identity verification process with AOL, then there is no other way through which you can reset your account password.


How do I reset my AOL password without resetting?

Juts provide all the asked information on the password reset page, such as your username, email address, billing details, and enter an alternate email address to receive the link to reset your password. Just make sure to re-check the fed details and click “Submit.”

Why does AOL not recognize my password?

If you have recently changed your password, or someone has hacked into your account, then AOL would fail to recognize your password. If you have been logged in to AOL through multiple devices, then also you will not be allowed to log in even if you are entering the correct details.

How to get into AOL email without a password?

You cannot get into your AOL account without using your account login password. If you are unable to recall your password, then you can reset your password using the AOL sign-in helper. You just need to complete the identity verification process and there you are into your account.

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