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How to Fix Roku Airplay Not Working Issue?

Roku systems allow you to enjoy endless applications at your fingertips. Even if you want to add more versatility to your Roku devices, you can make use of airplay. AirPlay allows Roku users to reflect the screen of other smart devices directly on their Roku devices. But what if this feature stops working all of a sudden? If you are facing issues like Roku airplay not working, it is important to apply a proper workaround to fix it. Here, in this article, we have provided common reasons and troubleshooting methods that you can apply to fix AirPlay Not Working on Roku. 

Why Is My Roku TV AirPlay Not Working?

Problems like Roku AirPlay not working or displaying a black screen usually occurs due to several reasons. Some of them are provided below: 

  • There may be a problem with the Roku streaming device. 
  • Sometime, it might be the poor internet connection. 

However, in most of the cases, it is found that most AirPlay issues are internet-related. You can simply fix such an error by restarting your device. If the problem keeps occurring even after restarting, you can move to the workarounds provided in the next section. 

How do I Fix Airplay not working on Roku?

Once you know why is Airplay not working on Roku, it’s time to check some troubleshooting methods. Just go through these methods one by one to troubleshoot the issue:

Method 01: Restart Your Roku TV or Streaming Device

Restarting your TV and your Roku streaming device is the easiest way to bring AirPlay back to a working state. You just have to unplug all the wires attached to the power source and then wait for about one minute. While the TV is unplugged, keep pressing the power button for at least 30 seconds. Also, ensure that you are holding the power button on your TV, not on the remote. 

After that, plug the TV and Roku device back in after one minute, turn on the TV and check if the TCL Roku airplay not working issue is resolved. You can restart your Roku TV and Roku Streaming device using the Settings menu. For this, press the Home button, scroll down to Settings, choose System, and then click on the “System Restart” option.

Method 02: Ensure that AirPlay is Enabled

In some cases, AirPlay may not work on Roku if the option itself is disabled. To check, click Home on your Roku remote and then open Settings. Now, click on Apple AirPlay and HomeKit, and check if the AirPlay is toggled ON. 

Method 03: Turn off Computer’s Firewall

The firewall of the operating system installed in your system might also cause Airplay not working on Roku issue. This causes connectivity issues with other devices and makes your device unable to connect to the hosting device. In the case of Airplay, firewall protection of your MacBook (iOS) might prevent your hosting device to connect with your TV. 

For this, go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy and click on Firewall. Here, you will get the option to turn off the firewall and locate and uncheck the “Block All Incoming Connections” option.

Method 04: Update Roku OS

Your Roku device might run into several issues because of its outdated OS. To resolve such an issue, simply check for any version of Roku OS available in the settings menu. 

Press the HOME button on your remote then scroll up or down till you see SYSTEM. Select System, and then go to SYSTEM UPDATE. 

Method 05: Reset Your Roku’s Network Connection

Is Roku airplay not showing up on iPhone or other devices that you are using? Another method that you can try to fix the issue is to reset your Roku network connection. Open the Settings menu, scroll down to System, and then choose Advanced System Settings. Now from the menu that appears, locate and click the “Network Connection Reset” option. 

For iPhones users who are getting Roku airplay not showing up on iPhone issues, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset > Reset > Reset Network Settings.


Hope, the above-mentioned methods help you to fix Airplay not working on Roku. If the problem keeps occurring even after these workarounds, you can contact Roku support or contact Apple support. The professional experts from either company can definitely help you to troubleshoot your issue.

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